"Life is Good" is the latest project by the Dangling Success. It is a tribute to those who forever see the glass as half full. While the world is full of challenges, many people still find that friends and family, lovers and acquaintances make life good. This CD is a tribute to the philosophy that allows us to enjoy life and see the beauty that surrounds us even when things are not always perfect. Maybe the imperfections are meant to give us perspective, but either way, close your eyes, play the CD and spread the word… Life is Good!

The Dangling Success is the ultimate Groove/R&B/Smooth Jazz
band that can only be described as “an aphrodisiac for the spirit.”
Five seasoned musicians with varied backgrounds got together
to play music with the kind of soul that moves not only your feet,
but your spirit too!

“… their live shows are events to behold,” says Smoothjazz.com .
They put on a high energy show. Their sax and guitar player are
known for their showmanship, frequently dancing with their audience.

Traveling with the band is always an adventure. Like the time Paul packed his drums into a strangers van in Harlem, thankfully realizing it at the last minute before his drums drove away forever. The Dangling Success turns concerts at a winery into a day at the beach as large inflatable balls bouncing above a dancing crowd. We often invite you into the recording studio with us to witness the insanity of the creative process. It's on the Video page.

One thing is clear; the fun the band members have on stage is
contagious, and the audience is quick to join in.

Their background!

These veteran musicians have been making music for years with
acts like the Isley Brothers, Chaka Khan, Don Mclean, The Shirelles, John Platania, Bernard Purdie and Guilherme Franco. The dangling success is mesmerizing, intoxicating and electrifying! It is a collection of five musicians who click musically, share a zest for life and love to make those around them feel good.


Derrick James - saxophones
Gioron Wilkins, Sr. - guitars
Mike McDonough - bass
Paul Rossman - drum, percussion
Daniel Odescalchi - keyboard