The Dangling Success
City Life

Free Download of "Catch the Groove”

The Dangling Success is an all-instrumental smooth jazz band that maintains a steady groove throughout their recent release City Life. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of living in the city the band’s view is one that is positive and alluring as shown on the cover. The picture invites you to a late night jazz club where you can unwind and find yourself in a place that you will want to remain.

City Life is an exceptional recording in every way. The band, which consists of Mark Niekrewicz (all saxes), Gioron Wilkins, Sr. (guitar), Mike McDonough (bass), Paul Rossman (drums, percussion) and Daniel Odescalchi (keyboards) are a fine compliment to each other on all the tracks. They maintain an ideal degree of consistency through and through on this CD, enough to please any jazz listener.

“Catch The Groove” is a fine example of what this band produces on a regular basis; it serves as their poster child for the sound created on City Life.  With a bevy of original material to present they veer off into cover land taking The Rolling Stones tune “Beast of Burden” and make it their own. In fact as it turns out, it is one of the best tracks on the album. While they do not offer anything new or innovative they are a solid band that can command your attention and easily rival any of their contemporaries in the genre.

With 13 strong tracks to offer up The Dangling Success does not seem to be dangling anywhere at all, they have a firm foothold on their sound, presentation, and recording process and are in position to find great success with many smooth jazz radio stations around the globe.

This CD is highly recommended listening for jazz fans and those that are looking for a nice musical getaway that will provide relaxation and many hours of enjoyment.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

September 29, 2009