New Album From The Dangling Success: “City Life” Is 3rd Most Added Album On

The Dangling Success, a smooth grooving jazz/rock group out of New York, unveiled their latest release, City Life. This five-piece Groove/R&B/Smooth Jazz band can best be described as an aphrodisiac for the spirit, infusing their songs with the perfect blend of all things smooth and funky, rock and jazz. Produced by the group itself, this album it energetic and electrifying, yet also smooth and sultry. A follow up to their 2008 release, Chilled Champagne, the album is evidence that the group continues to produce some of the best smooth and funky jazz out there.

The Band

Having worked along side numerous big wigs – Isley Brothers, Don Mclean, Roy Orbison, The Shirelles, John Platania, Bernard Purdie & Guilherme Franco to name a few – these musicians have already paid their dues. Years ago five seasoned musicians with varied backgrounds to together to play music with the kind of soul that moves not only your feet, but your spirit too. Above all, they enjoy playing and just have fun with the music. And they’re not the only ones – the fun the band members have on stage is contagious, and the audience is quick to join in.

Made up of 5 members – Mark “Dr. Sax” Niekrewicz (saxophones), Gioron Wilkins, Sr. (guitars), Mike McDonough (bass), Paul Rossman (drums, percussion), and Daniel Odescalchi (keyboards) – are more than your everyday studio musicians. Yes, their recordings are fabulously detailed and meticulous, but the hook is their performance.

Dr. Sax leaps onto pit sofas with the audience and stand on tables while Wkilins and McDonough jam on the dance floor with the crowd – never missing a note. As a band, The Dangling Success is dedicated to lifting spirits and putting excitement back into the lives of listeners. They make up one smokin’ soul jazz band, just waiting to jump start your spirits again.