The Lincoln Eagle XIII July, 2008   Page 22

Soul/Funk/Jazz Group Gets National Radio Airplay And Now Comes to Kingston!

By Michael Marnell 

Kingston, NY -- They can be heard on the radio in NYC, Connecticut, Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, Denver, CO and as far away as Appleton, Wisconsin and British Columbia. Their video can be seen on YouTube. Their debut CD titled “Chilled Champagne” has even sold in Poland! They are the Hudson Valley’s very own Soul/Funk/Smooth Jazz band called the Dangling Success. And on July 26th they will appear at Pier 23, at 23 Broadway in Kingston.

 Kingston resident, bass player Mike McDonough, says he looks forward to playing in his home town. “This is a fun band to play with,” says McDonough. “The audience can always count on having a good time and I’ve been wanting to give my friends a chance to see the band.”

 What can the audience expect at a Dangling Success performance? Aside from music that’s been called “an aphrodisiac for the spirit,” the band delivers a high energy show. You can always count on “Dr. Sax” leaping onto chairs in the audience while executing an inspirational solo. And their guitarist and bass player often rip up the dance floor while performing, while never missing a note.

 Peir 23 owner, Lamar Clark is looking forward to the night. “We expect a great night of music and fun.” Lamar said. “This group is as much about the performance as they are about the music. I think they will be the perfect complement to a great dinner for those who also dine with us that evening!”

 The Dangling Success has been receiving excellent reviews from radio stations all across the county. Scott Stevens, WECB 104.3 The Breeze, from Appleton, Wisconsin said, the Dangling Success is “Five guys with great chemistry that definitely define 'Smooth Jazz'." "Nice, smooth jazz with a definite edge!" is how Bob Putignano of WFDU-FM, 89.1, in New York City described them. Frank Todd of WJFN-FM, from Long Island, NY, said, "I know how tough it is to make good music. Plus I am a long time fan of David Sanborn, and the Dangling Success has a similar sound." And Ed Tankus from Blue Plate Radio, "Greater New Haven, CT's Premier Jazz Station" said “I think you've got a unique sound that's fresh and will really perk up our listeners' ears!”

 McDonough recently shared the workload associated with getting radio airplay. “We’ve done radio interviews over the phone and also recording a number of station tags, like ‘Hi, this is the Dangling Success and you’re listening to Station XXX’” McDonough noted. “Although it really is a lot of fun, we never realized how much time and energy it can consume.”

 But while they are out promoting their CD, the Dangling Success never misses an opportunity to play live. “We hope this is the first of many successful performances at Pier 23,” said Clark.

 The musicians who play in the Dangling Success have been making music for years with acts like the Isley Brothers, Don Mclean, The Shirelles, John Platania, Bernard Purdie and Guilherme Franco.  Sweet and sweaty sax melodies by Mark "Dr. Sax" Niekrowitz, who has played with Manhattan's big bands as well as gritty club acts, soar above the textured and smart rhythms of former Isley Brothers guitarist, Gioron Wilkins. Solid and soulful polyrhythms crack from the snare drum of former Don Mclean drummer, Paul Rossman. Keeping the low end melodically satisfied is Mike McDonough on bass, who played with Roy Orbison, while Dan Odescalchi fills the musical crevasses on keyboards.

 The band starts performing at 9 PM on July 26 at Pier 23 in Kingston. For more information visit